Landscaping Design Trends: Outdoor Kitchens

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Landscaping Trends: Outdoor Kitchens The Ted Lare Look Eating outdoors when the weather’s right is an absolute luxury that we love indulging in. Whether it’s savoring a tranquil moment after a long day, or entertaining and sharing your backyard oasis with friends, some of your best meals have been eaten outside. Outdoor kitchens [...]

Succulent Birdcage

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Succulent Birdcage The Ted Lare Look The latest in gardening trends can sometimes come from the most unexpected places, and succulents have certainly held the spotlight for gardening trends for a while. Repurposing antique bird cages for a unique display, however, is a fresh idea that makes a new and striking twist [...]

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Vegetable Seeding 101

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Vegetable Seeding 101 The Ted Lare Look Planting your own seeds is a win for everyone. Not only does it save you money, while being good for your health, it is much easier than some myths would have you believe. Planting even a few seeds each year is important. It’s a significant [...]

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Kokedama The Ted Lare Look Kokedama is one of the newest trends in houseplants, but its roots can be traced to sophisticated philosophy. This Japanese tradition is just as unique as the other modern gardening techniques of the same heritage. The striking aesthetic of Kokedama tells its own story and is a great [...]

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Houseplants in the Winter

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Houseplants in the Winter The Ted Lare Look Are you feeling a little of those winter blues? When the winter temperatures drop and the outside world gets frosty, our houseplants are the green aesthetic boost that we need. However, the darker and drier winter conditions can be hard on your beautiful houseplants. [...]

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Des Moines Seeding Calendar

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Des Moines, Seeding Calendar The Ted Lare Look The freshest flavors of the summer undeniably come from your own garden. Who doesn’t want to enjoy and share a summer dinner with the fruits of their labors? One of this year’s healthiest trends focuses on homegrown food. Summer is the best time to enjoy [...]

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How To Design a Statement-Making Container Garden

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How to Design a Statement-Making Container Garden The Ted Lare Look Container design of the past was traditionally a painstaking endeavor to create perfect, identically manicured lawns and flower displays. The well-maintained lawns and gardens of mid-century suburbia were undeniably gorgeous – but so restricted that they lacked personality or flair. Contemporary [...]

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Landscape Design Trends: Man-Made Stone? Pros and Cons

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Landscape Design Trends: Man-Made Stone? Pros and Cons The Ted Lare Look Landscaping with the purpose of changing the aesthetic and function of your backyard space is likely to involve stone at some point in the process. Stone is a material that continues to remain at the center of modern landscaping and outdoor [...]

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Landscape Design Trends: Seat Walls & Columns

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Landscape Design Trends: Seat Walls & Columns The Ted Lare Look Seating is about inviting people to feel at home and relaxed, and this trend is all about making it easier to relax outdoors. While extra chairs can eat up space and distract from the aesthetic of your outdoor space, a seating wall [...]

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