We carry an excellent selection of pottery in all types of materials including concrete, clay, glazed clay, metal, resin, plastic and fiberglass. We specialize in carrying a wide variety of unique styles, colors and sizes. These pages represent a small selection of pottery that we have carried in the past, please visit our garden center to see our current selections.

Bared Antique Green Large Vase Pot

Old Stone Cocoon Pot

Barnacle Pots

Pharoh Jar

Old Stone Collection of Clay Pots

Honey Jar Tall Pot

Laughing Eye Old Stone Pot

Milan Short Square Old Stone Pot

Milan Short Square Large Old Stone Pot

Olympus Jar Old Stone

Vancouver Old Stone Pot

Clay Chiminea

Burnished Olive Jar

Burnished Fat Belly Pot

Assorted Glazed Pottery

Veined Tall Triangle Pot

Assorted Blue Glazed Pottery

Crème Cauldron Pots

Wasabi Cauldron Pot

Blue and Gold Eggshell Pot

Tropical Blue Olive Jar

Large Sand Java Jar

Malaysian Red Pottery

Small Rope Rim Belly Pot

Rustic Blue Hexagon Pot

Spanish Cobolt Blue Pottery

Blue Stacked Pots

Yellow Stacked Pots

Tall Veined Blue Round Vase

Very Tall Blue & Teal Veined Vase

Tall Wavy Red Vase

Stonewear Fat Belly Pottery

Very Tall Silver Lee Che Vase

Buttefly Meadow Planter

Chikadee Planter

Fern Planter

Fern & Wildflower Planter

Garden Tools Planter

Ginko & Maple Planters

Lavender Planter

Maple Leaf Planter

Old Ivy Leaf Planter

Clay Low Bowl Planter