This photo gallery is a list of plants we typically carry but is not expressive of our current inventory. Please call the store at 515-981-1075 if there is a specific plant you want.


A hardy plant that grows anywhere from 24in to 5ft tall depending on the variety. Do not harvest asparagus the first year and harvest sparingly the second year to encourage strong growth. Grow in full sun. Harvest in late spring, early summer.


A hardy shrub with green foliage that grows anywhere from 2-5ft tall and wide depending on variety. Blue edible fruits are produced in the summer which are high in anti-oxidants. Grow in Full Sun and well drained acidic soil. Two varieties are recommended to be planted together to get good fruit production. Red-orange fall foliage color.

Brazzleberry Raspberry Shortcake

A new innovation in growing raspberries! This thorn-less compact plant grows 2-3ft tall and wide and is suitable to plant in any yard or even in a decorative pot. Raspberry Shortcake is self-fertile and yields full-sized full flavor raspberries in mid-summer. Plant in full sun, provide regular watering and enjoy!


Either for eating or for wine making grapes are an easy to grow vine you can grow on a trellis, fence or wire line. Length of vines vary up to 20ft in length. Plant in full sun, well drained, organic soils for the best results.


We carry a wide variety of fresh garden plants and seeds. We have the greatest numbers of varieties in the spring months which often include basil, sage, oregano, dill, chives, cumin, cilantro, mints, lemongrass, lemon verbena, pineapple sage, and various others. Herbs are a great way to add tasty flavor to a variety of cooking dishes and drinks.


That fuzzy weird looking tasty fruit can now be grown in your own yard with one happy change, NO FUZZ! Vines grow up to 40ft tall and can have foliage with green, pink and white variegation. Males and females are necessary to produce fruit. One male plant can pollinate several female plants to produce the smaller smooth skinned sweet fruits. Male plants are sometimes grown alone for their ornamental foliage features. Grow in full sun to part sun and protect from northern exposure.

Apple Trees

Many varieties are available including Honeycrisp all of which are semi-dwarf or dwarf, growing from 8-12ft tall and wide. Two different varieties planted together are required to get good pollination and apple production. Plant in full sun and well drained organic soil. Apple Trees must be sprayed for insect and disease in order to have insect free fruit and good production.

Pear Trees

Pear trees are semi self-fertile and do best with two different varieties planted near each other. Plant them in full sun and well drained organic soil. Pears must be sprayed for insect and disease in order to have insect free fruit and good production.

Peach Trees

Peach trees are self-fertile and will produce with only one tree. Reliance is the most hardy and reliable for our area. Peach trees will grow 10-15ft tall, require full sun and well drained organic soils. Peach Trees must be sprayed for insect and disease in order to have insect free fruit and good production.

Cherry Trees

Generally there are two types of cherry trees, Sweet Cherries and Sour Cherries. Sweet Cherry Trees have fruit that is larger and sweeter than the sour cherries. They are also less hardy and do require 2 different varieties for cross pollination and fruit production. Sour Cherries or pie cherries are tarter and are self-fertile so only one tree is needed to get fruit. Cherry trees grow best in full sun and well drained organic soils. Sweet Cherries generally grow 10-15ft tall and wide and the dwarf Sour Cherries only grow 6-8ft tall and wide.

Pepper Plants

We carry a large variety of pepper plants in the spring variety, including many Heirloom varieties. We carry hot, sweet and a variety of colors from red, green, purple to combinations. Plant peppers in full sun after the soil temperatures have reached at least 60 degrees (usually a week or two after our frost free date of May 15th).


This perennial vegetable (yes itís a vegetable not a fruit) has large leaves supported by either green or red petioles (the stems for the leaves). It is the petioles that are the edible part of the plant. Rhubarb typically grows in a clump that can get 3-5ft tall and wide. Rhubarb is used in pies, sauces, breads and pastries and give a sweet but strong tart flavor. Plant rhubarb and wait 2 years before harvesting, and harvest from Mid-May through July.


New innovations in strawberries are here! New varieties with red flowers produce fruit all summer! Great for patio pots or planted in the garden. Plant in full sun, organic soil that is well drained, water regularly and enjoy the Fruits of your labor!

Swiss Chard

This plant is simply beautiful with its brightly colored stalks of yellow, oranges and reds but it is also a highly nutritious vegetable. Plant in full sun and water regularly.


We carry a large variety of tomato plants from cherries to romas to paste and fresh slicers. We also carry a number of Seed Savers Heirloom varieties as well as grafted tomato plants. Plant tomatoes in full sun after our frost free day of May 15th for best results.